Med School Graduation and Reflections

Hi All,

Or really should I say hi to the 10-15 people who stumbled upon my blog within the last few months (I love every single one of you, hehe). It has been a while since I last wrote a post, and I understand that they were pretty depressing topics.  To shift to a more uplifting topic, I will bring up the fact that I graduated medical school! And wow, it has been a ride. From dealing with my social anxiety and depression, encountering both micro and macro-aggressions from peers and faculty, and breaking up with my girlfriend, I can proudly say that I am a DOCTOR.

I have also learned a tremendous amount about myself. I’ve learned that I need to focus more on self-care. I’ve learned that going through the process of organizing and automating my life just makes things so much easier. I started bullet journaling (learn more here: which  is a process that has helped to organize all the clutter in my ADHD brain to a system that I can easily follow. I’ve also incorporated writing down affirmations and what I’m grateful into a notebook as part of my morning routine. This has helped a lot to keep me focus on my goals but also to start my day with a giant wave of positivity and gratitude.

I’ve also learned that I need to surround myself around more positive and supportive people. Since graduation, I’ve decided to go back home to spend more time with my immediate family before transitioning to residency rather than just living out the lease of my medical school apartment. I never really appreciated how much positivity and support that they’ve given me throughout the whole process until now and how wonderful it feels to just be home again. I also have spent some time post-graduation with a group of 9, 1st year students that I helped teach clinical medicine in collaboration a couple of faculty members. as part of a 4th year teaching elective. They have expressed a lot of gratitude and appreciation of me recently, which has given me a positive outlook as I advance my training.

I don’t mean to knock down the friends that I have made throughout medical school Overall, their companionship was necessary and I am absolutely grateful that they were there. But there was also a lot of toxicity and negativity at times that I wish I didn’t have to witness or see. Nonetheless, from these experiences and relationships, I have a clearer picture of the type of people that I want to be around.

To move on to a different topic, I’ve realized that I’ve neglected this blog way too much. I have a lot of free time now and I want to spend some time writing posts. I’ve created a goal for myself to write a blog post everyday for the next 5 days. I have no idea what topics I will cover, but that’s where the adventure lies.  If I can accomplish this goal successfully, I ‘ll have the  confidence that I continue posting at a regular rate once residency start, even if it isnt everyday.

Thanks for reading,



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