Hello world!

Hello world! As my blog title indicates, I am a male Yale Student in the Class of 2013. As cheesy as this sounds, I created this blog in order to express myself to the world. I consider myself a very introverted person, so what better way to open myself up is to reveal all of my random thoughts, hopes, frustrations, and interests for all of the internet to see! As to my idenity, I am purposefully choosing to keep it anonymous…for now at least.

Right now, I am currently taking summer courses as part of Yale’s Summer Session. Not really that too different from the year, but this time I’m living off campus with a couple of friends. I’ll be definitely telling you about our experience cooking our own food, cleaning, and pretty much taking on a whole new set of responsibilities.

This summer is also about fitting as much fun as possible  before going back into the intense ivy league grind that Yale seems to have relentlessley put out these past 4 semester. So I’ll also be describing some of my crazy summer weekend adventures (well they’ll be crazy to me :p).

Anyways, I recommend to the maybe 1 or 2 people that will accidentally stumble upon my blog to sit back and relax as you read the blog posts about probably the most awkward person you will ever encounter in your life.



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